Butler PDD Spring 2022 has ended
Spring PDD has gone Virtual!  This event is sure to be out of this world and will help blast you off into your Spring Semester!  I have included a UPDATED ZOOM LINKS FOR WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY- Please be aware that you can only upon this link with your Butler account.

For help, contact Mission Control!
Mark Jarvis- 323-6262
Magan Bearman- 323-6392
Wendy Deewall- 323-6340

Welcome to the Launch Pad!  Here we will provide you with all the mission critical things you will need to know about this event.

  1. Do a test flight!  Make sure your computers, microphones, and head phones are all working prior to the first session
  2. Be ready to launch ON TIME, in fact, arrive in your room a minute or two before the session begins
  3. Mute Communications- Please keep your microphones off until you are participating
  4. Maintain visuals if you are able, but please turn your camera off if you are needing to get up, or move around
  5. Use your name so that we can build community! 
  6. If you experience technical difficulties, meet us in the Mission Control Zoom Room for help or contact any one of your Faculty Development Officers: 
Director of Mission Control: Mark Jarvis- 316-323-6262,
Mission Control Specialist: Magan Bearman- 316-323-6392
Mission Control Administrator- Wendy Deewall - 316-323-6340