Butler PDD Spring 2022 has ended
Spring PDD has gone Virtual!  This event is sure to be out of this world and will help blast you off into your Spring Semester!  I have included a UPDATED ZOOM LINKS FOR WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY- Please be aware that you can only upon this link with your Butler account.

For help, contact Mission Control!
Mark Jarvis- 323-6262
Magan Bearman- 323-6392
Wendy Deewall- 323-6340

kay alston

Adjunct Music Instructor
I have been an educator for over 40 years and 31 of those years have been spent in Kansas. The majority of my experience has been teaching music in the public schools at the elementary, middle school and high school level. During this time I have also had the pleasure of serving as an adjunct instructor for BCC teaching Music Appreciation and Fundamentals of Music. My other music experiences include presenting workshops as a Music Teaching Artist with Wichita Arts Partners and working with my beginning piano students.