Butler PDD Spring 2022 has ended
Spring PDD has gone Virtual!  This event is sure to be out of this world and will help blast you off into your Spring Semester!  I have included a UPDATED ZOOM LINKS FOR WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY- Please be aware that you can only upon this link with your Butler account.

For help, contact Mission Control!
Mark Jarvis- 323-6262
Magan Bearman- 323-6392
Wendy Deewall- 323-6340
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Michelle Ast

Butler Community College
Professor of English
My name is Michelle Ast. I’m the former Assistant Coordinator for Butler of McConnell,  and I teach Reading, Writing, and Research for the Humanities Department at Butler Community College. As educators, we want all students to be successful. My husband, son, and daughter are all college students, struggling with not only typical learning challenges but also the impediments the nation's pandemic has brought to their collegial learning processes. I learn much from them that make me a better teacher.  Those who know me outside of work may think that attending college is a family hobby. Of course I like school. What teacher doesn't? Though I'm not sure my family enduring the stresses of an impending final exam week would agree that school is enjoyable, the value of a college education is clear to all of us.